Formats, dimensions and weights

240 x 15 - 18 x 71 mm, 48 pcs./m², approx. 0,5 kg, 500 pcs./pallet
240 x 15 - 18 x 52 mm, 64 pcs./m², approx. 0,4 kg, 500 pcs./pallet
Also available as clinker brick
Masonry without efflorescence protection
  1. Rainwater penetrates through the masonry and washes out the efflorescent components of the mortar.

  2. Sulphates and carbonates migrate to the outside when the unprotected masonry dries out and crystallize on the surface.

  3. The result is that there are unwanted white spots (efflorescence) on the facing brick.
OLFRY masonry with efflorescence protection
  1.  The efflorescence protection, with its molecularly fine, water-repellent layer (approx. 2–4 mm), acts like a protective shield: rainwater can only enter through the joints.

  2. The pores and capillaries of the brick remain open even with efflorescence protection, so the block remains breathable. The moisture in the joints can penetrate unhindered into the brick via the bearing surface – the brick retains its important function as a moisture buffer.

  3. When the masonry dries, the stored moisture migrates as water vapour through the capillary system to the outside again. However, since water vapour does not transport soluble sulphates and carbonates, these do not penetrate to the surface, as is the case with unprotected bricks. And the successful result is naturally beautiful bricks without unsightly efflorescence.


Our new 3D configurator gives you a realistic impression of your dream façade. Let yourself be inspired.

For architects

With our masonry designer, you can easily create matching textures of the Olfry clinker yourself and import them into your planning software.

The OLFRY product highlights
Clinker is maintenance-free, stable in value and durable.
Moisture repellent
Clinker has low water absorption – algae and moulds don’t stand a chance.
Shock and impact resistant
Clinkers form a high-quality protective layer that protects against all mechanica l influences.
Noise protection
Clinker bricks provide excellent sound insulation.
Freedom of design
Clinker bricks offer a variety of possibilities for the individual design of façades.