Bricks and clinkers

Building with bricks and clinkers from OLFRY is one of the many ways to design the most attractive exterior walls of a house, not only because of the huge choice of colours. No other building material offers you such a large variety of shapes and surfaces.
Of course, our bricks and clinkers are certified according to DIN EN 771.

The benefits at a glance

The choice of a clinker façade has a positive effect on the long-term preservation of the building fabric as well as on the living climate and finances. Plastered walls can lead to unnecessary maintenance costs – especially due to algae growth. Approximately 75 percent of all plaster buildings are affected. Façades made of brick, on the other hand, are almost maintenance-free. This is also confirmed by the federal government’s construction damage report: Over a period of 80 years, therefore, only minimal renovation measures are required for double-shell wall constructions. In addition to other advantages such as protection against mechanical influences and excellent sound insulation, clinker bricks offer an unbelievable variety of designs.

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Clinker is maintenance-free, stable in value and durable.
Moisture repellent
Clinker has low water absorption – algae and moulds don’t stand a chance.
Shock and impact resistant
Clinkers form a high-quality protective layer that protects against all mechanical influences.
Noise protection
Clinker bricks provide excellent sound insulation.
Freedom of design
Clinker bricks offer a variety of possibilities for the individual design of façades.

For single-shell, double-shell and also passive houses, clinker bricks and clinker strips are the best investment.

Single-shell construction means: The inner wall is also the exterior wall, nowadays provided with a sensitive insulation layer, which then has to be protected from the weather with plaster or preferably with clinker strips (external thermal insulation composite system, ETICS). In a double-shell construction, the load-bearing wall and the basic structural substance as well as the insulation layer are sustainably protected from the weather by a brick façade (weather shell). The choice of clinker has a positive effect on the long-term preservation of the building fabric as well as on the living climate.
Even when building a passive house, you no longer have to do without the living comfort of a double-shell masonry and its individual appearance. With modern insulating materials, passive house standards can be met with a wall thickness of 45.5 centimetres, for example, and you do not lose valuable living space. Regardless of the construction method, a clinker façade is the best investment.


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