Paving clinkers

Made for eternity

OLFRY also produces a matching paving clinker to go with every clinker brick.

ascinating colours, infinite combination possibilities and extreme resilience: with OLFRY paving clinkers you are always on the right track. They come from nature and are fired exclusively from high-quality domestic clays at temperatures of over 1,100 °C to sintering.

This process makes the ceramic clinker paving particularly tough. Due to their very high density, they have extremely low water absorption – therefore they are qualitatively superior to conventional concrete paving: More porous concrete absorbs more water and is therefore susceptible to high loads such as bad weather and traffic.

Paving, on the other hand, is absolutely frost-proof and – provided that it is laid carefully – can even be permanently driven on by trucks without any problems. It doesn’t pollute nature, lasts forever and can still be raised and relaid decades later.


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