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Experience, tradition and know-how – quality made in Germany

OLFRY is a family business in the best sense of the word: family-run, classically conservative yet dynamic enough to operate innovatively and successfully on the market for more than 100 years thanks to its flat hierarchies. Quality product “Made in Germany” is part of the OLFRY DNA. In addition to our own internal auditing, regular certification by independent institutes ensures our high quality standard.

Guaranteed fire-sealed

OLFRY clinker strips are now certified by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik for various mineral wool/styrofoam systems. Just give us a call!

Sustainable construction with clinker strips: we’ll show you how it’s done.

Watch the image film about OLFRY clinker strips made in cooperation with JUWÖ Poroton-Werke Ernst Jungk & Sohn GmbH and SAKRET Trockenbaustoffe Europa GmbH & Co. KG.

OLFRY clinker strips not only look good, they also deliver what they promise. When used in combination with the highly insulating ThermoPlan brickwork made by the JUWÖ Poroton-Werke, no additional insulation is necessary. OLFRY’s robust clinker strips are fired at over 1,100°C just like normal bricks and provide an ideal protective shield. SAKRET dry construction materials also provide optimum support and are weather-resistant.
They are frost-proof, provide permanent protection against wind and weather, reliably prevent algae infestation or woodpecker damage without chemical treatment and, unlike plaster façades, are virtually maintenance-free.

The perfect shield

When it comes to new buildings, a double-shell wall with a brick façade is the ideal choice. If this construction is not possible in certain cases, external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) have established themselves as an alternative. These combinations of backing masonry and insulating layer are also used in façade renovation and require a high-quality outer protective layer that protects the sensitive thermal insulation from all external influences.
OLFRY produces clinker strips for this application. The thin bricks and clinkers are simply stuck to the thermal insulation and then pointed. As they are fired at over 1,100°C just like normal bricks, they have the same properties: their play of colours is genuine, they can be individually combined and ensure a healthy living climate due to their natural origin.
However, what makes these clinker strips predestined as an outer protective layer in ETICS is their exceptional robustness: just like in a facing brick façade, they are frost-proof, provide permanent protection against wind and weather, reliably prevent algae infestation or woodpecker damage without chemical treatment and, unlike plaster façades, are virtually maintenance-free. 
In short: OLFRY clinker strips are practically indestructible and thus ensure the lasting value of your house for years to come. Almost all of our brick and clinker types are also available as standard clinker strips. Depending on the application, however, there are some special features that our clinker specialists will be happy to explain to you. Simply arrange an expert consultation!

Clinker strips are maintenance-free and stable in value.
Thermal insulation
Clinker strips are the best solution for all external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) and ensure maximum energy savings
Moisture repellent
Clinker strips have low water absorption – algae and moulds don’t stand a chance.
Fire protection
Because they are non-flammable, clinker strips protect the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) from fire.
Shock and impact resistant
Clinker strips form a high-quality protective layer that protects against all mechanical influences.
Noise protection
Clinker strips on external thermal insulation composite systems provide sound insulation.
Freedom of design
Clinker strips offer various possibilities in the individual design of façades.

Clinker strips are used not only for renovations, but increasingly also for new buildings and conversions.

The manufacturing technique of OLFRY clinker strips is of great importance for their optics. As they are cut from the full brick, an OLFRY clinker strip never looks like a tile. Clinker strips may be thin, but they are full-fledged facing bricks that are classified as coarse ceramics. Corner and runner clinker strips are used to clad building corners, window lintels and jambs. A façade made of clinker strips cannot be distinguished from a conventional brick façade. As they are cut from the full brick, clinker strips can be easily combined with whole clinkers and bricks – as there are no colour deviations.

Proven quality

Clinker strips for every type of application

External thermal insulation composite systems require an approval from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt, Berlin), which is issued only for the entire system and is limited in time. Special requirements are also placed on the clinker strips, which serve as a protective layer for the underlying ETICS (polystyrene and/or mineral wool). In particular, the water absorption must be very low (water absorption according to DIN EN 14411, boiling method).




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