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Our masonry designer

Create your own textures easily with our masonry designer. You can combine our clinker bricks with different mortar colours at the click of a mouse. The combination of two different clinker bricks is also possible.
The result can be saved for further processing as a high-resolution JPG file suitable for architects’ planning software.

Notes on tenders and processing

Invitation to tender for double-shell facing brickwork with thermal insulation

Invitation to tender for double-shell facing brickwork with air layer

Invitation to tender for the processing of OLFRY hand-moulded and extruded bricks

Tender sheet for paving clinkers

Processing instructions for facing bricks

The OLFRY brickworks

OLFRY - of course clinker brick and brick from Vechta, so we feel embedded as a brick factory in the region. This is not only because our chimney (72 m) is the tallest building in the city, but also because the pits, which have been providing the necessary raw material for decades, are evolving into a sea belt that offers peace and relaxation to the local population , On the following pages you will find more information about the production of our bricks, the customer exhibition, our history and Olfred's activities in environmental protection.


We would also be happy to advise you personally. You can find our OLFRY customer advisors here.


Our new 3D configurator gives you a realistic impression of your dream façade.

Reference buildings

Find suitable reference buildings near you: our reference database contains more than 5000 reference buildings.